Radiator refurbishment

We offer cast iron radiator restoration, resizing and/or repair service at our workshop in Manchester.

All radiators go through our rigorous restoration process

Standard restoration includes removal of old paint, internal clean and flush, test, prime and top coat paint.

Full restoration includes everything in the standard restoration with the addition of every adjoining seal being replaced. For an accurate quotation please email the height, length and a photograph of each radiator to [email protected]

The refurbishment process we use to restore a cast iron radiator is both internal and external, this ensures that when it leaves us to go to you it’s preserved for years to come, meaning we can guarantee our work for 20 years!

Old fittings

Firstly we remove any old fittings and replace them with modern day equivalents.

Your own radiators that are to be restored by us will be fitted with new 1⁄2 inch BSP bushes with bottom feed and returned, (unless specified by customer) ready to accept modern 1⁄2 inch BSP valve tails. We can supply all the relevant accessories including radiator valves.

Large cast iron radiators

Any cast iron radiator more than 1.2 meters in length has an additional charge per radiator. They are heavy and need more paint!

Sand Blasting

The radiators are then moved into the blasting unit, where all the old built up layers of paint, any rust and corrosion are carefully removed from the outside of the radiator.

Internal flushed and cleaned

All the old debris built up from the years of being on an untreated central heating system will be cleared and flushed out making the radiator much more efficient.

Testing Process

The next stage is to carry out pressure testing. All radiators are tested to 4 bar, this is more than the pressure of most modern central heating systems. If any repairs are required after sandblasting you will be contacted for approval.

Pinholes, leaking joints and corroding gaskets

If a seal/joint is leaking, this can be repaired or replaced depending on the model of radiator. Should a section become damaged or a pin hole has appeared after the blasting process, this will be quoted individually and will only be carried out with the customer’s approval.

All fixes to radiators tested by us carry a 12 month guarantee, unless all nipples and gaskets have been replaced by us, (FULL RESTORATION) then a 20 year guarantee applies.

Now for a finish, whether this is a painted, polished or a special colour from our natural metals range we have you covered!

Painting Process

After testing we move the radiators along to our spray booth where we apply the first coats of primer in either light grey if the radiator is being painted or black if the radiator is being polished.

All primers used are solvent based with lasting anti corrosive properties. If you require your radiators painted in a branded (f&b etc) colour of your choice as well as primed we would do this at this stage.

Polishing process

Cast Iron radiators look their best when polished. This is a very intense process where each section is individually polished with a selection of varying grades of bespoke polishing wheels.

All of our polished cast iron radiators are only polished on visible sides. This would mean polishing the front, the top and on the end sections of the cast iron radiator but not the back which would be placed against the wall. If a cast iron radiator is placed in an area where all sides are visible then please let us know and we will make the relevant changes.

Polished cast iron radiators look great but they can oxidise if they are not kept dry or lightly oiled on a regular basis. To avoid this ongoing maintenance, we rust proof them for you by applying clear rust proofing primer to the polished cast iron radiators and lacquer. We pride ourselves in the polishing process we have created over the last 10 + years.

Natural metals range

Much like the polishing process our natural metals range look incredible on our cast iron radiators. A custom finish for a bespoke radiator, not something off the shelf.


Quality Assurance

The last stage is to carefully quality check each individual radiator before it leaves our workshop to ensure it is in perfect condition. Radiators are individually wrapped, placed on wooden pallets with a thick layer of cardboard separating each one, before they are safely secured to a pallet ready for delivery. We believe this is the best way to safely transport radiators. Our thorough restoration process means that every cast iron radiator from us is guaranteed.


Reduce, reuse and recycle are three concepts that promote sustainable living. So why not refurbish your old cast iron radiators with radrestore?

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Visit our showroom in Manchester, we can assist you with all your radiator requirements. Please call 0161 843 8163 or email [email protected] to book a day and time.

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