Do you have something that is old and could be rejuvenated by polishing to become a focal point in any room? Or are you wanting something that’s modern, clean and cutting edge?

We can provide you with the service to do just that. We will happily work with any type of metal surface you want buffed to a shiny perfection. From car wheels, radiators to titanium aircraft blades we have polished it all!

Polishing to an outstanding finish really gives something old and loved a new wow factor to update the home or work space. Polishing a metal piece in this way adds an amazing sleek and contemporary feel to any home. Various polishing grades available giving you the choice of polishing tone on the metal being polished, helping the piece fit in or stand out to become a focal point. We use the finest Menzerna polishing compounds in various steps to produce each unique finish. Metal polishing by hand in this manner requires experience and a sense for the item being polished.

Polished bike
Polished table