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Full Cast Iron radiator restoration

We offer cast iron radiator restoration, resizing and/or repair service at our workshop in Manchester. Standard restoration includes removal of old paint, internal clean and flush, test, prime and top coat paint. Full restoration includes everything in the standard restoration with the addition of every adjoining seal being replaced. For an accurate quotation please email the height, length and a photograph of each radiator to [email protected].

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Cast Iron Radiators

Upgrade your space with timeless charm and efficient heating. Our collection features both original and meticulously crafted reproduction cast iron radiators, offering a perfect blend of classic aesthetics and modern functionality. Whether your restoring a period property or adding character to a contemporary space, our cast iron radiator range promise to elevate your decor wile providing reliable warmth. Choose from a range of styles, sizes and finishes to suit your preferences and heating needs. Invest in quality, style and comfort with our cast iron radiators today.

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Compliment your radiator with traditional valves and accessories.

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If you have any question or comments, or if you need a quote, please use the form to the right, or the contact details below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Visit our showroom in Manchester, we can assist you with all your radiator requirements. Please call 0161 843 8163 or email [email protected] to book a day and time.

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An antique original or a modern reproduction cast iron radiator?

If you’re new to the cast iron radiator world it can be quite overwhelming to say the least. From all the makes, models, old to new and the mountain of colours and finishes you can choose from. Deciding between original or reproduction cast iron radiators can be an easy choice to some whilst being confusing to others. We can highlight the difference between the two types. Let us simplify the differences.

In our experience over the years, customers who want original radiators are very clear that they absolutely want radiators with a history and character of their very own including a story to tell. Of Course if you want to match an existing original cast iron radiator then the mind is easily made up.

For many years we have only sold original antique cast iron radiators. We can easily tell the difference from an original to a new radiator.

The most difficult part for us supplying our customers with original radiators is specific sizes, output and the model needed to be the same type throughout, the only way we could provide this with any degree of certainty was to supply reproduction radiators. We now work even closer with our trade suppliers to give our customers the best quality lifetime lasting radiators on the market.

Original antique cast iron radiators key advantages

1. Original radiators have lots of character.

2. Original radiators have been recycled and consequently suit the environmentally friendly, reduce, reuse and recycle are three concepts that promote sustainable living.

3. Original radiators are arguably more unique.

4. Original radiators are more likely to suit older historic properties and buildings.

5. Original radiators usually have their unique makers tag.

6. Original radiators have formed part of our own UK manufacturing history.

7. Original radiators are in keeping with older renovated original properties.

8. Original radiators can show their journey over the years and when they come to be restored.

Reproduction cast iron radiators key advantages

1. New cast iron radiators are still full of character.

2. Reproduction cast iron radiators will suit any age of property

3. Reproduction cast iron radiators are much easier to source and match.

4. Reproduction cast iron radiators are better guaranteed.

5. Reproduction cast iron radiators offer a greater model choice.

6. Reproduction cast iron radiators offer more height options.

If your unsure where to start please contact info@radrestore or call 0161 843 8163