We can offer a full radiator restoration, resizing and repair service at our workshop in Manchester.

At Radrestore we have the knowledge and facilities to Restore, resize and completely overhaul your existing cast iron radiators. If you have a radiator that has developed a leak or has been damaged, Radrestore can remove broken sections, repair and fully restore your radiator to give it a new lease of life. We can reduce large radiators to more manageable sizes or join smaller radiators together in order to increase heat output. We can also disassemble every section and fit new nipples and gaskets to make sure you have peace of mind for years to come!

Our radiator restoration process for a Cast Iron Radiator is:

  1. Standard restoration: Firstly we remove any old fittings and replace them with modern day equivalents. Your own radiators that are to be restored by us will be fitted with new ½ inch BSP bushes with bottom feed and returned, (unless specified by customer) ready to accept modern ½ inch BSP valve tails.

  2. If any resizing, known repair work or a complete fix including all nipples and gaskets is required it will be done at this stage. The necessary work will be performed in our dedicated radiator workshop at the customer’s request.

  3. Any cast iron radiator more than 1.2 meters in length has an additional charge per radiator. (£40)

  4. The radiators are then moved into the blasting unit, where all the old built up layers of paint, any rust and corrosion are carefully removed from the outside of the radiator.

  5. The next stage is to carry out pressure testing. All radiators are tested to 4 bar, this is more than the pressure of most modern central heating systems. If any repairs are required after sandblasting you will be contacted for approval. If a seal/joint is leaking, this can be repaired for £40. Should a section become damaged or a pin hole has appeared after the blasting process, sections can be quoted at the time depending on the model of radiator. This will be quoted for individually and will only be carried out with the customer’s approval. All fixes to radiators tested by us carry a 12 month guarantee, unless all nipples and gaskets have been replaced by us, then a 5 year guarantee applies.

  6. After testing we move the radiators along to our spray booth where we apply the first coats of primer in either light grey if the radiator is being painted or black if the radiator is being polished. All primers used are solvent based with anti corrosive properties. If you require your radiators painted in a colour of your choice as well as primed there is a £40 charge per radiator.

  7. The last stage is to finish the radiator to the customer’s desired choice. That may be painted in the colour of your choice or hand polished. (hand polishing prices per section).

Compare cast iron fire place before and after renovation process

Original Before
Modified After