Original or reproduction cast iron radiators can be restored from rusty and flakey paint.

To cast iron radiators that are incredibly stylish and practical!

We offer a standard cast iron radiator restoration which includes:

  1. Configuration of old valve inlets and out lets to suit new modern day equivalents. Your own radiators that are to be restored by us will be fitted with new ½ inch BSP bushes with bottom feed and returned, (unless specified by you).
  2. We would then sand blast all the old paint and rust from your cast iron radiators, leaving just the bare metal.
  3. The next stage would be to pressure test your cast iron radiator, ensuring that there are no leaks!
  4. Once your cast iron radiator has passed test we would then at this stage start preparing your reclaimed radiator for paint.

We also offer a full cast iron radiator restoration which includes:

  1. All the same stages of the above, standard cast iron radiator restoration.
  2. Also the complete removal of old fittings, all adjoining gaskets where leaks can appear.
  3. We then replace all cast iron radiator segments with brand new gaskets.
  4. For this full cast iron radiator restoration service you get peace of mind with a 5 year guarantee from us.